Have you ever heard of the term ‘Hair Wefting’? It refers to the process of creating or manufacturing hair extensions from a bulk amount of hair or from human hair ponytails that are cut. To help you understand it better, just imagine that you have tied your hair in a ponytail and are cutting it off with a pair of scissors. The loose hair thereby obtained can be used to create hair wefts.

The other term used for hair wefts are tracks and they are made using hair wefting machines. The factory grade machines used are of two types namely, a single needle machine and a double needle machine.

With a single needle machine, it is possible to weft loose hair right from the beginning to the end. If a single needle hair wefting machine is bought, it can be used to weft hair extensions. Talking about the double needle hair wefting machine, the advantage with that is that hair can be weft at a higher speed. So, the time taken to weft hair is halved.

Hair Wefting involves science and it is an art that not many know about. By closely observing the hair weft, it can be said where and what kind of machine has been used to weft the hair.

Now, at our center, we deal in hair wefts that are used as extensions for our clients. Most often machine wefted hair is used for permanent extensions that are sewn in onto existing hair. However, wefted extensions are also the base of the clip in extensions present at our center.

There are also hand wefted hair extensions and it involves tying individual strands by hand to secure the weft. The hair weft created this way is quite strong but way thinner when compared to the one made using a machine. The end result is that the hand wefted extension is less bulky than the machine wefts. We have these kinds of hands wefts too in our current collection and you can choose which one you like more.

Hair Wefting is basically a procedure of creating extensions and as we are into making them, the charges for those hair extensions are quite reasonable. It can also be customized as per your liking. All you need to do is fix an appointment with us and get a free consultation. Our team will understand your requirements and will guide you accordingly. You don’t have to worry about the expenditure involved as it is always within the budget of a common man.

Customer satisfaction is most important for us and without that we don’t like to proceed. Unless and until you are satisfied, there is no point in providing any hair replacement treatment. We always ensure that the customer is satisfied because at the end of the day it is our job to bring happiness on your face. Whatever kind of hair replacement treatment you go in for, it should suit your lifestyle and make you feel confident about your looks.

So, stop thinking and cntact us now for your hairloss problems!

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