Daily stress and an unhealthy lifestyle can lead to hair loss and nobody would want to move around with a bald head. After all, looks do matter! A person with healthy hair will always end up getting the good things in life because of his or her visual appeal. However, not having hair should not make you feel second-class as there are a lot of solutions to your problem.

Most people are under the impression that only surgery can bring back the hair on their head. The good news is that this is not true. There are so many non-surgical techniques to bring back the lost charm on your head and all of them are carried out at our center. One such procedure is hair bonding. Usually, this procedure is used when the crown area and the front part of your scalp are almost bald and there is hair just on the sides and the back of the scalp.

The procedure followed for hair bonding is the application of hair glue to a part of wafted hair which is then placed on your natural hair. For this, a special kind of hair adhesive is used so that no damage is done to your existing natural hair.

Types of bonding methods and the difference between them

There are 2 kinds of hair bonding methods. One is referred to as ‘soft bond’ and the other one is called ‘hard bond’. Soft bond is very flexible and quite comfortable to wear as it is made with latex or acrylic based adhesives. On the other hand, hard bond is the term that is used for hair bonding treatment in which super glue is used. The biggest pro of hard bond is that the adhesive lasts longer when compared to the ones used in soft bond as it is not water-based and hence will not get deteriorated. However, hard bond adhesives are rigid and will not make you feel as comfortable as the soft bond adhesive will.

You would need to fix up a maintenance appointment with us after 4 to 6 weeks of getting these bonds attached. Resetting is important for everyone after a period of 3 months. This depends on the pH of your sweat, how much you sweat through the scalp and the weather conditions. We will let you know how often you will need to visit our center.

Your hairstyle will be decided by our team based on your existing hair color, texture and your age. Whatever it may be, the end result will be breathtaking as you will get a complete hair makeover. Having hair on your head will instantly boost your self-confidence and perk up your morale. So, if you are suffering from baldness, please visit our center to get hair bonding done! If this procedure is not the right choice for you, we will suggest some other non-invasive and non-surgical procedure that is completely safe for you.

Our team will take care of every minute detail and suggest only those procedures that will suit your lifestyle.

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