Don’t have long hair but want to look like a modern-day Rapunzel? No problem! You must be wondering how is that possible. Well, have you ever observed how celebrities sport a bob in one day and then the next week have long cascading tresses? Is it magic or something? No, it is all because of using hair extensions and you can get them at our center!

Typically, a hair extension is a piece of long hair that can be attached to your existing hair to make it look longer. They can be made out of real hair or synthetic hair and there are a number of ways to affix them to your existing hair or close to your hair. The best part about hair extensions is that they merge well with your hair and appear to be natural. Nobody can tell that you are wearing them.

We have experts who deal only with hair extensions and match them with your natural hair colour and texture. It will be applied to your scalp such that you get tremendous volume and lengthier hair. The best part is that you can wear hair extensions for a good 3 months without the need for any maintenance. However, after that time period, you will need to visit us again!

There are a lot of different ways of affixing the hair extensions. Our experts will let you know about all the possible ways and you can choose what you like. Hair Extensions can be fixed by coils and clips or through glues made out of chemicals. By any chance, if you happen to be allergic to any chemical please let us know so that we don’t use that particular glue on your hair.

Types of Hair Extension Methods and The Difference between Them

There are two types of hair extensions. One is made out of real human hair and the other one which is made out of synthetic fibres that are made to look like real hair. You get both real and synthetic hair extensions in different colours, forms and styles. Synthetic hair is stiffer than real human hair and doesn’t blend that well with your hair in spite of being way cheaper than real human hair.

Also, when you use synthetic hair, you can’t style it with curling irons, straighteners and even hair dryers as they will get damaged easily. On the other hand, you can treat the ones made out of real hair the way you want. So, if you love to colour and style your hair, you should definitely go for real hair extensions. They will appear and feel like real hair giving you a natural look. Synthetic fibres don’t last for long whereas real extensions can easily last for more than one year if maintained well.

Come to us for the best kind of consultation regarding hair extensions and we will assure that we satisfy your needs. Our team will give you those luscious long tresses you have always dreamt of. Just tell them what you exactly need.

Don’t let anything come between you and your dream because you live only once!

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