It is a blessing to have naturally healthy hair but unfortunately, not everyone is equally blessed. Hair loss or hair thinning can make you look less attractive and bring your morale down. Most often individuals with hair only at the sides and back are on a lookout for hair replacement procedures.

After all, the real beauty lies in your hair. Having healthy black hair on your head will instantly make you stand out in the crowd. So, for the sake of good looks and self-confidence, it is better to go in for hair replacement procedures that are non-surgical and non-invasive.

Hair Clipping is one such method where a hair unit is locked with your real hair with the help of special clips designed for this purpose. The hair unit can hold 5-7 strands of your real existing hair. The best part about this procedure is that maintenance is easy and you won’t require any follow-up. This seems like good news for those who are always pressed for time. Additionally, being a topical and non-surgical procedure, this has no side effect.

If you get hair clipping done, you can easily manage it on your own. All daily activities can be carried out with ease. You shampoo your hair, color it or style it the way you want. The hair unit has a net base and the hair is knotted in it. The net is made out of soft quality net which is also transparent. This indicates that air, as well as water, can pass easily on to the scalp making things comfortable for you.

Hair Clipping is Free of Risks and that is why it is one of the most sought after hair replacement procedures. Not having to spend time for maintenance is an added advantage. You can come to us for Free Demo & Consultation at any of our three centers. Just book an appointment beforehand and talk to our team of experts. They are highly skilled and have ample knowledge about the different kinds of non-surgical hair replacement procedures. You will be asked about your preferences and will also be guided by our team regarding what suits you best. Your existing hair texture, hair color and various other factors will be taken into account before going in for hair clipping or any other procedure.

We, at PS Hair Replacement provide the best kind of services at reasonable prices without any compromise on quality. All our procedures are non-invasive and do not require any surgery. It might sound great for those who are scared of going under the needle.

We know the value of your hard earned money and that is why we always ensure that the procedures are carried out in such a way that they are not expensive. Come to us and you will never go to any other center ever!

We have high regard for our customers and their happiness. Giving you a hair makeover and seeing a smile on your face is similar to a mission being accomplished for our team. Such is the amount of dedication we have!

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