These days, your outer appearance is what matters the most, after all, day in and day out you only see people with gorgeously healthy hair on hoardings and television ads. Even if such ads are photoshopped, they have raised the bar of how men and women should look like in real life. Now, not everyone is blessed with great hair and if you happen to be losing hair, it can put a huge dent on your appearance and can be a cause of worry. Baldness can pull your morale down and make you conscious of your looks all the time. This can affect your personal as well as professional life.

Have you tried every trick in the book to re-grow your hair but have not been able to get any positive results so far? Have you been cheated by companies selling hair re-growth oil? Then you should look no further and try a hand at the hair replacement treatment provided by us as we offer top class and the latest non-surgical baldness treatments.

We offer hair replacement services according to your hair type and scalp so that you get the best kind of results that suit your age and the current fashion trend.

Come to us for your baldness problem and we will revamp your look by offering the latest hair replacement solutions. At our center, you will be given the best-in-class service which is suitable for both men and women. Our treatment is quite affordable and we have a team of expert and well-qualified individuals who are dedicated to their job. They know how to handle each and every client. It is the customized service offered by us that is the unique selling point of our center.

You can come down for Free Demo & Consultation and our team will decide the kind of treatment that will be apt for you. Only after getting convinced with the kind of treatment we are going to give you, you can decide on going ahead with the procedures which are all certified.

With over 10 years of experience in non-surgical hair replacement, we have successfully treated a number of individuals who are now happy with the way they look. Our main aim is to satisfy our clients and bring a smile to their face. With lovely and gorgeous hair, you will regain your confidence and be able to face the world without any inhibitions in your mind. Getting hair replacement done from us will be one of the best decisions you would have made so far.

So, what are you waiting for? Fix an Appointment with Us and know what kind of treatment is suitable for you. If you get completely satisfied with our suggestions and our treatment solutions, (the chances are high that you will), you can go ahead with the treatment we provide.

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A little look at some of the results we have achieved, here the largest collection of hair loss real results, with before /after gallery from patients.

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Hair Patch

Get an instant new look with hair patch regardless of the reason behind your hair loss. You can get the new hair matched to your own hair. This is a no surgery painless & versatile option along with being affordable!

Hair Wigs

It's a great no surgery painless solution for hair loss and are easy to put on not involving any time-consuming procedure and give the best results at reasonable prices. We offer the best possible solution and ensure that you don’t return home disappointed.

Hair Extensions

Great option to have long hair and to add more volume to it. There is a range of hair extensions based on usage such as the temporary one can be removed each day, the semi-permanent can be worn for 6-8 weeks and the permanent one can be worn for months together.

Hair Bonding

You can get hair bonding done if you are suffering from hair loss. When compared to surgery, this non-surgical hair replacement is a better and cheaper option. It works well even in case of hair thinning. It is ideal for both men and women.

Hair Weaving

Basically, hair weaving refers to the procedure of adding hair to cover your baldness or add hair to your real hair. Different hair weaving types include netting, bonding, fusion, tracking, micro braiding and lace extensions. It is up to you to choose your hairstyle. Hair weaving is done for different stages of baldness.

Hair Fixing

Hair fixing is also a non-surgical procedure and it gives you a very natural look along with being a less time-consuming procedure. It is the best option for those who are totally bald.

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“Feel Positive About Hair”

I feel much more positive about dealing with my hair problem now. Thank you PS Hair Replacement for all your help, my hair has caused me so much anguish, I'm feeling better in myself. Thank you haircare.


(Hair Wig)

“I can't tell how much better.”

“ Thanks to PS Hair Replacement It's not depressed anymore. I'm feeling better . Thank you haircare, my hair has caused me so much”


(Hair Replacement)

“I am very happy with the results.”

" I would totally recommend anyone to have it done. I would have it done again in a heartbeat. Yes, I would totally recommend PS Hair Replacement for all needed people."


(Hair Wig)

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